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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Come to think of it...

I usually don't make snap connections while writing, most of the better ones come from reflection. Must be all the information I ingest; all that time I spent reading cereal boxes instead of staring into the bowl.

Or maybe, as I often speculate, I'm just ADD.

Random (and second) thoughts...

A) I must be doing, acting, thinking something right. I was recently honored fter offering some "resources" to my favorite astrologer:

Rob Brezsny's Free Will Astrology.

For the record, the ones he passed on to his readers were George Herriman's "Krazy Kat" and Joseph Cornell's boxes. Fell in love with the latter after visiting the Art Institute of Chicago a couple years ago.

Even if you don't believe in this sort of thing, (don't you DARE call me a "hippie") it's entertaining, well written, and it's for YOU. I think Rob has simply figured out that people want and need to be happy, fulfilled and making the most of life. (Rob's column is in a lot of alternative weeklies; one of my friends actually got it into the corporate 'youth supplement' in town -- which only publishes biweekly, so people who read it must only happy half of the time; and I subscribe to the e-mail update, delivered Wednesdays.)

B) I can edit this thing. Writing is rewriting, after all.

Fixed a couple of goofs and errors, the first Big O link in the previous post is fine now.
I HAD to fix that it was SIX Cardinal Colors over at Locust St., not seven. Chris did, however, do a wonderful intro of sorts on the entire color spectrum,
Polychrome Overture.

C) I need a new browser, but am too much of a traditional sort and have WAY too many music files to risk a crash if I make the switch to OSX. (I will search around for other options for OS9.)

Oh, and if this computer talk bores you, just clink on the link below. For all you girly-girls and industrial designers still interested, my computer is pretty. (Blue Dalmatian iMac, 2002, with a sexy still from "Betty Blue" as my desktop pic.)

((Yeah, I know, I need to learn how to post pictures. Next time it rains, I PROMISE I'll read thru the HTML primer and give you some eye candy.)

This thing looks kind of nice in Safari, but in Internet Exploder? BLEAGHHHHH. Heather discovered the same thing.

Everything Bill Gates profits from is merde. I had to get all over coworker Michelle's case after the sacrilege she spake this week: "Aaargggh! I hate Macs! Why can't we have PCs with Windows?"

D) If blogging is masturbation, it doesn't feel as good.

NP: The Mountain Goats (..."Fuck! I broke a string!"


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