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Sunday, August 06, 2006

We are Family

Had the big-ass family reunion yesterday, at the old Reformatory Clubhouse (an outing center for guards, not for inmate recreation) - same place we had the event at when I was a kid. Over 100 people. Now, as then, I couldn't help noticing how smokin' HOT some of my cousins are, what with all that Italian and mixed-Irish-whatever blood. And, now, some of my kid cousins' girlfriends and wives too. Damn.

you know the old white-trash joke?
"Where did you two meet?"
"Family reunion..."

There were lots of babies, we chowed on clams and pasta and sausage and corn off the grill, and my sister-in-law made a quilt for the big raffle prize. "The Guilt Quilt," I called it, because she, an outsider, won the huge compendium of family tree/history in last year's raffle, a source of much (funny) resentment.

(The quilt was won by my cousin Konnie, who generally cleaned up on other prizes and commiserated with me on turning 40 soon, neither of us hardly able to believe it).

One of the cousins (there are literally DOZENS... my grandmother was one of 10 kids and no way did I even recognize most of the people there) DJ'd, and the music was generally great. Lots of old soul, Al Green, James Brown, some classic rock, and even Springsteen's "Lost in the Flood" from 1973. (an inspired choice, I later realized ... most of us old enough to remember the Hurricane Agnes flood of '72 might agree.)

Then we took my dad to the hospital when his usual minor complaints added up to enough major concern, for a change. No worries as yet, but what a way to end the day.

Coming up: music and movie posts and a big podcast announcement.


Blogger Tim Young said...

Hi Dan,

I still haven't got your introduction! I need it today if I'm going to be able to include you in this week's podcast ...



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Blogger Tim Young said...

P.S. Your mailbox is full and keeps bouncing my messages which is why I'm commenting here!!



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